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Workshop: Incorporating Telemedicine into the Integrated Care of the COPD Patient

Workshop: Incorporating Telemedicine into the Integrated Care of the COPD Patient



This will be a workshop consisting of invited faculty, chosen for their specific expertise in their respective areas. The output will be a workshop summary document that will be submitted for publication in a peerreviewed journal.

The learning objectives are represented by:

  1. Review the general concept of the integrated care approach to the long-term management of the COPD patient, demonstrating how it incorporates components of the following approaches to care: the chronic care model, disease management, supported self care, coordinated care.
  2. Review how current educational efforts, including self-management, in COPD often fall short
  3. Discuss the concept of telemedicine as a potential tool for facilitating integrated care in COPD
  4. Discuss specific, potential applications of telemedicine in integrated care of COPD, including supporting didactic education, self-management strategies, adherence with therapy, exercise and physical activity, non-invasive ventilation, supplemental oxygen, disease management of the respiratory exacerbation, management of the patient with chronic respiratory failure, and pulmonary rehabilitation. We will also have discussion on potential privacy issues resulting from the telemedicine intervention.

The program goals are:

  1. Delineate the role of telemedicine in improving the care of the COPD patient using the integrated care model.
  2. Outline areas for future research in this area
  3. Promote lines of communication among the various specialists participating in the workshop
  4. Create a summary document from the proceedings of the workshop, ready for submission to a peerreviewed journal within three months of the workshop



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